What It Takes To Be A Leader: Insights From Women In Leadership Roles

April 2021
Video Documentary 
Hemas Holdings PLC

The Brief

Aiming to do something unique, inspiring and empowering in line with women’s day 2021, Hemas approached Roar Studios to collaborate in creating a video featuring 12 women from Hemas’s top management to give aspiring and ambitious women an insight into what it takes to be a leader and the need for more women to take on leadership roles in Sri Lanka's workforce.

Our Role

Keeping in mind the context and purpose of the video, Team Roar put together a creative concept to bring to life a fun, casual, engaging yet informative video. From conceptualizing the production to setting up a curated studio space and interviewing 12 accomplished women to capture their unfiltered responses, Roar Studios produced a video highlighting the importance of female leadership in the workplace. Having a reach of over 27,000 the video was published on the Roar LK platform spreading an empowering and inspiring message.

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