To Dream With Clipped Wings

December 2020
Video Documentary 

The Brief

UN Women being the UN agency for gender equality and women's empowerment worked with Roar on a brand new campaign focusing on gender and disability in Sri Lanka. The campaign predominantly looked at the challenges faced by persons with disabilities in Sri Lanka, specifically women who are excluded from the workforce. The campaign aimed to create awareness on the subject, the work that is being done by different organizations and what the general public can do to promote an environment of inclusion and equality for persons with disabilities.

Our Role

Understanding the key message that had to be delivered through this campaign, we took on the project and approached it using a method we knew would create a significant impact on the audience - storytelling. The key component of the campaign consisted of a dramatized video that highlighted the struggles faced by persons with disabilities. The campaign also included graphics and articles that profiled persons with disabilities, government authorities, representatives from organizations that aid persons with disabilities as well as other experts in the field.

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