Success Deconstructed: Stories Behind Sri Lanka’s Evolving Food Scene

February 2022
Video Documentary 
Food Studio

The Brief

In 2018, Food Studio opened its first high-end food court at the Colombo City Centre with the aim of elevating Sri Lanka’s food culture through a vibrant, global dining experience. The team at Food Studio had hired the best local and international talent to establish the different restaurants and retail hubs, from highly experienced chefs to visionary entrepreneurs. They approached Roar Studios to produce a series of videos that would feature the people behind the various restaurants and retail hubs that had been set up at Food Studio.

Our Role

For this series, we produced a total of four episodes, with each video diving into the unique journey of one chef or restaurateur. We spoke to a chef who hailed from the Sichuan Province and was now introducing Sri Lankans to authentic Chinese cuisine, a Turkish-German pastry chef who delights diners with highly inventive desserts, a Sri Lankan couple who serve traditional fare for those who love their rice and curry, and an Indonesian expat who uses Sumatran recipes passed down from her family for her delicious curries. What set Success Deconstructed apart from regular food content was that the main focus was the incredible stories of perseverance, travel, immigration, creativity and passion that came out from these interviews. 

Project Videos

Episode 1: Sumatran Spice

Episode 2: China Street Food

Episode 3: Okra Kitchen

Episode 4: House on the Moon

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