Pandemics and Equality - The Ones We Left Behind

February 2021
Video Documentary 
Oxfam International

The Brief

Being a movement that works towards fighting inequality to end poverty and injustice, the requirement by Oxfam International was to create a short but gripping animated video to create awareness on the impact of COVID -19 on the world’s poor. The aim of the video was to give the audience a global view of the issue, a detailed insight into what is happening in the Asian region and the steps being taken to overcome these issues.

Our Role

Keeping in mind the context and purpose of the video, Team Roar put together a creative concept and storyboard to produce an interesting and engaging animated video. The approved storyboard was used to bring to life an engaging animated video that utilized modern animation techniques to bring out the key facts and figures of this project. The overall video was tied together with a detailed narrative scripted by the Roar Editorial Team. 

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