Living with an NCD: How I Fought My Battle with Cancer

Feb 2022
Video Documentary 

The Brief: 

With the hope of spreading the message of a  life beyond one’s diagnosis of a noncommunicable disease and how factors such as emotional support can go a long way, AIA approached Roar Studios to create a series of videos that would focus on different NCDs by speaking to survivors. The client also aimed to highlight the importance of investing in an insurance plan and the benefits it could bring about during unforeseen circumstances.

Our Role:

Keeping in mind the key objectives of this project, the Roar Studios team conceptualised and produced a series of short videos, with each episode featuring a survivor of an NCD. Through an often moving and inspiring narration of the survivor’s story in their own words, the video highlighted key factors in an NCD diagnosis and treatment. Episode one featured a cancer survivor who shared his story, from an unexpected diagnosis to his struggles as a single parent in treatment. It also reiterated the importance of early detection and protecting oneself through an insurance plan, which in his case, contributed greatly to his recovery.

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