Is Sri Lanka Ready To Shift Towards Solar Power? How Project Photon Can Make A Difference

Feb - 2022
Video Documentary 

The Brief: 

With the objective of highlighting the company’s initiative to invest in more environmentally sustainable projects and Sri Lanka’s capacity and potential to shift to the use of solar power, MAS approached Roar to create awareness on their climate change project ‘Photon’. This project which was initially established to manage the design, contracting, government relations and maintenance of solar projects proceeded to create a blueprint for rooftop real estate for other like minded corporates to follow. With the project having expanded since its inception, MAS hoped to create some hype around the functionality and benefits of project Photon via an engaging video making sure that the message is conveyed to the audience in simple terms.

Our Role:

Understanding the objective of the project, the Roar Studios team approached the requirement by producing a mini documentary. The creative and production teams worked together to give the audience a 360° view of project Photon. The video features the different stakeholders involved in the project explaining the process of Photon’s inception to its function today in addition to a walkthrough of the solar panels and interactive animations that explain the more complex technical aspects of the project.

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