Important Lessons Kids Learnt From Books

December 2020
Video Documentary 
Pick a Book

The Brief

The things we learn from the stories we read stick with us for life. For Children’s Day 2020 (which falls on 1st October) we conceptualized a video that aimed to inspire reading amongst the Roar audience network and showcase the important lessons that children can learn from books. The brief strictly focused on capturing the children being themselves in order to inspire the audiences with their simple yet profound takeaways and learnings. 

Our Role

Our role revolved around creating an engaging video that will show the kids in an inspiring light. The video was not staged or scripted, with the kids explaining the key lessons they learnt from each book in their own words. The format was quirky and light hearted, with the staging customized to each kid and their personalities. The challenge was to ensure that the kids were as comfortable as we can make them in front of the camera, enabling them to communicate with the Roar team by displaying their vibrant and unique personalities.

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