#CokeRhythmPadey: A Catchy Tune For Avurudu '21

April 2021
Video Documentary 
Coca Cola

The Brief

For a unique social media engagement campaign executed during Avurudu 2021, Coca Cola Sri Lanka tied up with Team Roar to produce #CokeRhythmPadey, a catchy jingle pieced together using mostly Coke bottles, melodic vocals, and tons of creativity. The jingle featured talented Sri Lankan musicians and social media personalities, encouraging audiences to follow the challenge themselves and create unique music with Coca Cola bottles, to be posted online with the #CokeRhythmPadey hashtag.

Our Role

Team Roar worked with Coca Cola Sri Lanka to conceptualise the overall campaign and the unique musical elements that would make it stand out on social media platforms. We undertook coordination, recording, and video production, bringing together this diverse set of musicians into one curated studio space, where we conducted a high-energy shoot and produced a timely jingle that was both visually engaging and rhythmically unique.

This video was produced in collaboration with Ogilvy Digital as the Creative Agency.

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