Premium digital content production house that helps brands tell better stories
Roar Studios chooses to be different, eschewing cliches and uninspiring concepts, in favour of authenticity guided by an intelligent use of data.
Roar global LK team
Roar global BD team
Roar global BD team
Roar global BD team
Roar global BD team
Crafting Brand Narratives
Roar Studios helps brands tell better stories. As a content production house, we use our experience in media to combine innovative concepts, creative storytelling, and stunning visuals to craft authentic narratives for brands and organisations.

We specialise in creating premium branded content that engages. While we leverage our media expertise to guide us when creating content for brands, we also employ precise, data driven methods combined with a sensitive, empathetic approach. Great, compelling content which moves and inspires is a labour of love and dedication, and we leave no stone unturned in our quest to create world-class content for brands.

Premium Content Solutions
We help brands tell their stories, be it about their products, their people or the work that they do. But we tell those stories with a uniquely sensitive and mindful approach. We listen to what’s going on around the world, pour over the data when we have to, and talk to people, always. We test and experiment many times over, all in an effort  to ensure that the content we create on behalf of your brand serves its purpose.

We allocate dedicated teams for each project. We prefer this approach because it is what makes sense and it is what has always delivered the outstanding results we have been able to achieve for brands who have worked with us.
Roar global LK team
Roar global LK team
Campaigns with Roar
Partner with Roar Studios as we develop innovative, forward thinking campaigns, that utilize narrative storytelling to get your message across in the most engaging way possible. Use our media platforms to reach your audience right where they are in the languages and on the mediums they prefer.
Roar global LK team
Roar global LK team
Content for Brands
Let us do all the heavy lifting for you by creating completely white labelled digital content in any format and for any specification. We will use our extensive experience and our resources to give your content an edge in the market. 
Here is a portfolio of selected stories which we told on behalf of brands both big and small, with great enthusiasm and creativity.
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