We are a South Asian Multilingual Media Platform

Roar Media

Roar Media is a multilingual platform that produces and publishes original stories that aim to capture the vibrancy of the South Asian region. Roar helps people gain an appreciative understanding of the diverse, beautiful world and society we live in, through thoughtful, well-crafted, ethical narratives.

As the top digital content publisher in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, we strive to make the best use of the tools at our disposal to dissect the deeper issues and nuances of society and culture that are often overlooked. From the ordinary to the incredible, all stories we tell are subjected to strict editorial oversight in order to ensure they are informative, educational, inspiring, and most importantly, compelling.
Our stories are for those who seek to remain informed. From news and stories about culture and history, to those about current affairs and technology, our content takes into account the complexity of life in South Asia. We tell our stories in multiple languages and in creative ways, so that they remain easily accessible and can be understood by the widest audience possible. As passionate storytellers who understand the power our stories possess, we are committed to using our platforms and reach to bring about positive change and a better understanding of the region.
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Roar Media
in Numbers
Numbers are not the most important thing in the world to us. But, they help us understand the kind of impact we create through our content. 
Media Properties
Roar Media operates four distinct media properties that share a common ethos. Our stories are crafted for the modern audience, told in multiple languages, and are native to social media platforms, making for a rich, immersive experience.
Engaging Audiences

We believe impactful storytelling can be a powerful tool for providing insight into the lives of people and communities, and giving an identity to an organisation or cause. Roar Media was born out of a need to create impact through stories.

Our solo projects, as well as our partnerships with impact-driven organisations, have led to the creation of informative, thought-provoking campaigns on pressing issues and marginalised communities. This is how we believe we can inspire change and better connect people with the world around them.

Pioneering Media Solutions

We have made it our mission to create unique content solutions for our audiences and brands. This has led to us pioneering many content formats in the region to ensure the stories we tell achieve the kind of impact they deserve.

We are South Asia’s first content production house to explore the region's most complex and interesting events, issues, and personalities through authentic narratives. These combine innovative concepts, creative storytelling, and stunning visuals, from animated explainer videos to feature-length documentaries.


We believe in the power of telling stories that have impact on local communities and the environment. Our partnerships with the region’s leading organisations has allowed us to create thought provoking and informative campaigns.