3P Media is Appointed Google’s Official Media Sales Representative in Sri Lanka

3P Media
September 5, 2022

We are proud to announce the launch of 3P Media, the first official media sales representative of Google in Sri Lanka. With Sri Lanka now facing its worst economic crisis in decades, it is a critical time for the Sri Lankan economy, and our newest venture falls in line with our commitment to empowering businesses with effective digital solutions. 

3P Media’s partnership with Google will be the first formal service of its kind and the first mass-market support offering for Google platforms in Sri Lanka. With 3P Media, Sri Lankan businesses will now have the opportunity to utilise Google’s suite of marketing solutions to reach and engage with a broad audience, both locally and internationally. The opportunity for local businesses, especially SMEs, to reach an international audience will be a much-needed boost during this crisis.

“We are very excited to launch Sri Lanka’s first formal service for Google Ad Solutions. At Roar Global, our vision is to create the future of media, and this is one of many ventures that we have launched in the last few years that falls in line with this vision. We look forward to working with local businesses and providing them with solutions for their expansion and growth,”
- Mustafa Kassim, Founder and CEO of Roar Global.

Sri Lankan advertisers on Google will also have direct access to dedicated support from a team of experts who are not only based in Sri Lanka but are also local experts in their fields. This support will be the first of its kind, as it is also highly personalised, with an account manager responsible for each client who will work closely with them to monitor and optimise campaigns.

3P-Media team

The team at 3P Media are led by; Prash Balakrishnan, Regional Director - Media Sales Partnerships, who has extensive experience in the digital advertising field in Sri Lanka, having previously served as Google’s country marketing consultant where he supported clients to achieve their advertising goals on Google. Prash was involved in the launch of several products in the local market such as Mastheads and Brand Lift Surveys as well as the first-ever Digital Guru Program in Sri Lanka.

Prash is joined by Gayathri Seneviratne, Account Director, who has over a decade of experience in the fields of digital marketing, eCommerce, online advertising and online distribution, in both local and global companies, bringing a wealth of experience from across multiple industry verticals. She’s a Google Certified professional and is a lead trainer for search engine marketing and digital marketing strategy at the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing. She is also a Founding Member and Secretary of the Digital Marketing Association of Sri Lanka.

Prash and Gayathri are joined by Gihan Kuruppu, Account Manager, and Sheethal Premkumar, Technical Product Lead.

“Google’s products are some of the most popular in Sri Lanka and we look forward to help advertisers reach their marketing goals on these platforms,”
- Prash Balakrishnan, Regional Director - Media Sales Partnerships, 3P Media.

Sri Lankan businesses will be able to get the most out of their Google Ads through consulting, training, technical support and local insights. The team will also provide support for execution, planning and optimisation of campaigns on Google Ads platforms, training development, training programs and special events (e.g. Google Week, Digital Guru), market insights and industry best practices.

With the launch of 3P Media, we look forward to continuing to provide local businesses with the support that they need to overcome the challenges they currently face.

To learn more about 3P Media and the services offered, head over to www.3p-media.com and follow Roar Global on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. 

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