Roar Global Acquires Creator Flow, Australia's Largest UGC Platform

Creator Flow
Jul 2, 2024

We are proud to announce Roar Global’s acquisition of Creator Flow, the largest marketplace for user-generated content (UGC), from BetterLabs. Creator Flow boasts a robust network of over 300 vetted creators, with whom brands can connect to create and share high-performing UGC tailored for various digital platforms.

BetterLabs is proud to have developed Creator Flow in our Venture Studio, where we have helped 400 brands across Australia access over 300 creators for seamless content delivery. We strongly believe Roar Global is the right partner to take Creator Flow to the next level with their vision to expand the platform's reach and opportunities throughout the APAC region.
- James Edwards, CEO of BetterLabs.

Creator Flow provides brands with the most efficient means to acquire the UGC-style content necessary to win over customers’ trust, drive conversions, and explore many creative possibilities. There has been a rise in the use of UGC by brands because it offers multiple advantages, effectiveness, enhanced social proof, authenticity, credibility, and valuable customer insights. Statistics show that 79% of consumers say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions, and find UGC 9.8 times more impactful than sponsored influencer content. Furthermore, UGC has demonstrated superior SEO performance. A recent study by Amsive found that Google now prioritizes UGC over product review and affiliate marketing websites in search results and rankings. 

This shift underscores the growing importance of UGC in digital marketing strategies. With Creator Flow, brands can effortlessly connect with talented creators to produce UGC-style video ads, review or unboxing videos, and TikTok-style videos. It is a significantly more efficient solution for generating content for websites, e-commerce stores, or social media channels compared to traditional content creation processes.

We are excited to hand over Creator Flow, Australia's first UGC platform, to Roar Global. Their commitment to improve the platform and expand across the APAC region gives us confidence in the platform's future. Since launching in May 2023, we've seen our 300+ vetted creators complete over 1600 jobs, earning them more than $350,000. We know that the team at Roar Global will continue this success and improve the experience for creators and brands.
- David Hack, Co-Founder of Creator Flow.

As a leading B2B marketing services provider for the APAC region, we are thrilled to embark on this new venture, where we can harness our decade-long experience in producing platform-specific content for brands to make Creator Flow a huge success. We have always been driven by our vision to democratize the digital economy, empowering every individual, business, and community, and we strongly believe that any business, of any size, stands to benefit immensely from UGC in their marketing campaigns due to its accessibility and ease of production. 

We are incredibly honoured to welcome Creator Flow into the Roar Global family. This acquisition marks a significant step in our journey to expand our footprint across Australia and introduce Creator Flow to new and dynamic markets in the APAC region. UGC holds immense potential for businesses, especially in emerging markets, and we are confident that many businesses will find valuable opportunities and creative solutions through Creator Flow.
- Mustafa Kassim, CEO of Roar Global. 

We are proud to be celebrating our 10th anniversary with this acquisition and remain steadfastly committed to helping brands thrive in the platform age. Learn more about Creator Flow here or reach out to Leah at to start creating UGC for your brand. 

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