Roar Global Shines at the GPTW® Sri Lanka Awards and CXO Forum 2023

Roar Global
September 15, 2023

This year, Roar Global was certified as one of 50 Best Workplaces™ in Sri Lanka as well as one of 15 Best Workplaces™ for Millennials by Great Place to Work®. This recognition highlights our unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive workplace culture where employees can thrive personally and professionally, and feel valued, engaged, and empowered.

On 7 August, Great Place to Work® Sri Lanka held the CXO Forum, bringing together key individuals from the winning companies’ people and culture teams for a full-day programme of talks and workshops. A major highlight of the event was a panel discussion on ‘Millennials as Leaders’ led by three speakers: Mustafa Kassim, Founder and CEO of Roar Global; Kavitha Gunasekera, AVP Global Talent Development and Culture at Fortude; and Thilan Sampath, Country Head of Uzabase Sri Lanka.

Founder and CEO of Roar Global, Mustafa Kassim, in a panel discussion at GPTW® CXO Forum 2023

When questioned about Roar Global’s approach to building a workplace in which Millennials thrive, Mustafa responded: “We have a very unique understanding of what Millennials want. The most important one is flexibility; providing WFH options and allowing them to explore their passions outside work.”

He also highlighted the importance given to mental health and work-life balance at Roar Global, where quarterly performance reviews don’t only focus on performance but also check-ins on personal wellbeing. “We really pay a lot of attention to the personal wellbeing of employees, and we go much further than the standard practices of other companies. As leaders, what we believe is that if you can take care of the personal problems of your employees,  they will take care of the work problems.”

The following evening, on 8 August, we were invited to collect our award for ranking one of the Best Workplaces in Sri Lanka at an exclusive ceremony. We were privileged to be among some of the country’s top companies that not only boast the brightest talent but have, over the years, adapted to the changing needs, values and attitudes of Millennial and Gen Z employees and cultivated work environments that prioritize diversity, inclusion, and innovation.

The Roar Global team accepting the award for ranking one of 15 Best Workplaces™ for Millennials in Sri Lanka

Each year, Great Place to Work®, a global authority on workplace culture, facilitates anonymous surveys and culture audits to evaluate the best workplaces based on employee experience and satisfaction with the practices and culture of their employers. This is the first time Roar Global has participated in the survey and we are proud to have ranked on two Best Workplaces™ lists on our first attempt. 

At present, 85% of our team are Millennials and 15% are Gen Z, which has helped us become a leading example of a company that embodies contemporary work ethics and ideals, and is highly attractive to younger talent. Since our inception, we have been committed to creating a culture that embraces boldness, purpose and innovation whilst offering flexible work options, health and wellness benefits, year-round engagement activities alongside various other perks. We see this as crucial to a changing workforce, and are dedicated to keep learning and adapting as we continue to grow and attract some of the best talent in the APAC region. 

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