Roar AdX Kicks Off 2024 with Seven Exclusive Client Sessions for 200 Marketers in Sri Lanka

Roar AdX
February 14, 2024

Roar AdX, the Authorized Sales Partner for Meta in Sri Lanka, had a remarkable start to 2024 by conducting seven exclusive client sessions with over 200 marketing personnel across diverse business sectors.

These in-person sessions shared valuable insights and guidelines to help marketers use new and existing advertising tools offered by Meta for Business, to optimize sales and strengthen brand visibility as well. 

The team conducted a session under the theme of strategic planning Home Lands, one of the leading players in the real estate industry in Sri Lanka. This session mainly discussed how brands can align their advertising goals with business goals. It also provided them with a roadmap for crafting campaigns that resonate with their target audience and drive measurable results. 

Another session brought together multiple players in the higher education sector in Sri Lanka, and the team was able to share insights on the effective use of Meta Ads, including the implementation of TV-like media buying on Meta platforms, not just to attract but to convert potential leads. Our team, which comprises certified experts in Meta advertising, gave participants a hands-on guide to exploring Meta advertising tools and techniques that can amplify their lead generation efforts.

Spa Ceylon, one of Sri Lanka's most notable beauty and wellness brands, also had a session with the team on 'The Future of Beauty Shopping.' As the beauty industry continues to grow rapidly, they were able to discuss and identify the many possibilities for innovation offered by Meta to reshape the beauty shopping experience. 

“The session we attended was insightful and it was a pleasure to meet the Meta ASP team, who were knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The introduction to reservation buying and the importance of frequency in marketing communications were much appreciated, and we will be incorporating some of the things we learned into our future brand strategies!” said a participant from Kites Global and Mideation Integrated 

The success of these sessions highlights Roar AdX's commitment to empowering businesses in Sri Lanka and other emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. As an official reseller for Meta Ads, Roar AdX regularly hosts webinars and workshops that cater to clients across different verticals, demonstrating the versatility of Meta’s ad products and services in meeting the unique needs of various industries.

As Sri Lanka's digital landscape continues to evolve, Roar AdX remains at the forefront, helping businesses stay ahead of the curve. These client sessions are also aligned with Roar Global’s larger mission: to be a growth enabler for digital platforms and businesses that want to enter and thrive in the APAC region by investing in dedicated customer support and learning resources that help businesses understand the immense value these platforms bring to their marketing efforts. 

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