Roar AdX hosts workshop on ‘Mastering Meta Ads’ for 130+ marketing professionals

Roar Digital
September 28, 2023

Roar AdX, the Authorized Sales Partner for Meta in Sri Lanka, conducted an insightful workshop titled 'Mastering Meta Ads' on 27 September 2023, in Colombo. The event, aimed to empower advertisers with the right skills and knowledge to excel in Meta Ads, attracted a diverse audience, including existing clients of Roar AdX and the members of the local SMEs, education and e-commerce sectors. 

With over 130 participants, the workshop proved to be a valuable opportunity for advertisers to dive deeper into Meta Ads, learn best practices, and explore the latest updates on the platform. 

Udara Dharmasena, VP - Client Success at Roar AdX Meta ASP

The workshop commenced with a discussion on common mistakes that advertisers often make when running ad campaigns on Meta and, more importantly, how to avoid them. By understanding these drawbacks, advertisers can refine their strategies to make more informed decisions when crafting their campaigns on Meta.

The team of certified experts at Roar AdX also provided hands-on guidance on setting up and optimising their advertising campaigns on Meta. From campaign creation to effective audience targeting and budget management, participants gained a thorough understanding of the mechanics of setting up an ad campaign on Meta. 

Malinda Senanayake, Head of Growth at Roar AdX Meta ASP

“We strongly believe in empowering the SME sector as they play a pivotal role in driving economic growth in Sri Lanka. At Roar AdX, we commit to adding substantial value to our clients by staying ahead of trends and delivering tailored solutions, including training and workshops conducted in all three local languages. Through our continuous investments in training and workshops, we aim to empower our clients, especially in the SME sector, to navigate the world of digital advertising effortlessly and effectively,” says Umair Wolid, Chief Marketing Officer at Roar AdX.

In an ever-evolving digital advertising landscape, staying up-to-date with the latest updates about digital platforms is crucial for advertisers on all scales. The workshop placed a heavy emphasis on ad creatives, as effective ad creatives are the cornerstone of any successful advertising campaign. Attendees learned the art of crafting compelling visuals and persuasive ad copy that resonates with a wider target audience. 

Participants from local SMEs, and the education and e-commerce sectors in Sri Lanka

The workshop concluded with an interactive Q&A session, allowing participants to engage directly with our experts at Roar AdX. This open forum allowed attendees to seek clarifications, share their experiences, and gain deeper insights into specific challenges they may face. 

Roar AdX is the media sales representation arm of Roar Global, and has supported over 5,000+ clients since 2020. Their commitment to empowering businesses and marketers through continuous training and workshop initiatives reaffirms their position as an industry leader. By arming advertisers with the right skills, knowledge and technical experience, Roar AdX continues to be a trusted partner for advertisers in Sri Lanka and beyond.

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