On Echelon: How We Built the Millennial Dream Company

Roar Global
Aug 12, 2023

Roar Global was recently ranked one of the Best Workplaces for Millennials in Sri Lanka by Great Place to Work®. This comes as no surprise; as a company founded by Millennials, we have always challenged outdated norms in the workplace and have created an environment that is conducive to innovation, agility, collaboration, diversity and flexibility — the hallmarks of what we believe sets us apart from traditional media companies.

Mustafa Kassim, CEO of Roar Global, spoke to Echelon for its August issue about why we remain a top choice for young creative and advertising professionals seeking purpose-driven work.

Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Our teams at the Roar Global HQ.

On how Roar Global attracts and retains top talent:

As a digital media startup, we were early adopters of remote and hybrid work, which appealed to young people who were balancing work and higher education, or living outside Colombo or the country. Today, we still offer flexible work options, especially as some of our Millennial employees are now entering parenthood and juggling the demands of running a home. We embrace the importance of family in our lives and don’t treat it as an obstacle to career growth.”
“In our hiring process, we are blind to academic qualifications so that we don’t overlook extremely talented or capable individuals who might not have had the opportunity to gain a traditional education or have taken a different career pathway. What’s important to us is that they are driven, results-oriented and show potential to thrive in our unique setting while sharing our values”
“Many who apply to work at Roar tell us that they are excited about being part of a company that is at the forefront of everything we do. The only way we are able to achieve this is by constantly experimenting, learning and growing, and this appeals to Millennials and Gen Z talent, who are more open to new ideas and challenges.”

On supporting the professional development of Millennial employees:

“Roar is always growing, and we make sure to take everyone with us on the ride. It’s crucial that everyone feels that they are growing at all times.”
“We support everyone who wants to upskill or learn a new skill while they are working at Roar. Through our quarterly learning programme, many of our employees have been able to pursue courses, attend workshops and earn certifications, which keep them motivated and inspired because they are able to apply their learnings to bigger, more challenging projects.”
“Sometimes, our employees identify new talents within themselves and new opportunities for growth that are better suited to their interests and ambitions. This is normal for Millennials and young people, who are open to self-discovery as they go through life. In such instances, we find new ways to help them explore these opportunities across the different businesses we operate, especially as we open new offices and diversify our offerings.”

On how we plan to leverage our recognition as one of the Best Workplaces for Millennials:

“In the last year alone, we have seen our teams grow as we diversify and expand internationally. In the coming months, we will see our teams grow further as we open offices in other cities across the APAC, for which we hope to attract the very best talent in the region. Through these partnerships, our employees are already working closely with and learning from global industry leaders, and we have been able to support 5,000+ brands to advertise more effectively.”
“We are on the way to becoming Sri Lanka’s first unicorn and are driven to contribute positively to the nation. Sri Lanka boasts a wealth of talented individuals, and our own teams consist of highly regarded marketing and media experts within the country. Our goal is to be the company that offers exceptional digital and creative solutions on a global scale, and we hope to continue to attract those that want to join us on this journey.”

Read the full interview here.

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