Interview with Echelon: Mustafa Kassim, Founder and CEO, Roar Global

Roar Global
April 4, 2023

For its March 2023 issue, Mustafa Kassim, Founder and CEO of Roar Global, spoke with Echelon and Economy Next to share the key strategies that are driving our international expansion and diversification.

Here are some excerpts from the interview.

On our vision for the next five years:

“Our vision is to be at the forefront of the future of media in the APAC, investing in cutting-edge media solutions and building new strategic partnerships that will help businesses grow. We aim to become a Sri Lankan-origin company with a turnover exceeding $1 billion by 2028, and with our current growth trajectory, we see this goal well within reach as we pursue five strategic objectives over the next five years.”

“We are dedicated to developing new partnerships and investing in media brands, with several already in the pipeline. We believe that growth, particularly in the digital economy, depends heavily on collaboration, and we are eager to work with companies and entrepreneurs that are pursuing innovative and exciting ventures in the media space this year.”

“We believe in having our clients grow with us. We will continue to invest in our relationships with clients and provide them with strategic consultation, effective, creative and data-driven strategies and in-depth training to achieve their business goals through digital media and advertising.”

“We have already made significant investments in technology that enhances our operational efficiencies and provides added value to our clients through seamless, efficient solutions.”

“Brain drain is a critical issue facing every industry in the country, but we are combating it head-on. We are working with our team to help them navigate this economic crisis, and are continuing to invest in developing the capabilities of new talent in Sri Lanka.”

On why we are invested in the media industry:

We believe that media can be a force for good and foster positive change in society. Our impact is not limited to media publishing and content creation; we also strive to help communities harness the potential of digital media to uplift their lives, grow their businesses and promote economic growth.”

“As a value-driven company, one of our core tenets is to do social good — everything we undertake has a positive impact and contributes to society.”

On the key ingredients to our success:

"We have built a great company culture that embraces agility and fosters experimentation and innovation. It is an environment that incentivizes our team to pursue their passions, which has helped us build an indomitable enterprise that is constantly breaking new ground and pursuing exciting ventures and projects.”

“Sri Lankan talent is on par with talent from other parts of the world, and it is time for Sri Lanka to be regarded as a country that nurtures great companies. Our vision is similar to what Skype accomplished for Estonia — to be a catalyst that assists the country and its people in achieving their full potential.”

Read the full interview on Echelon here.

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