Hear it from Our Leaders: The Future of Media

Roar Global
April 4, 2023

A short video series featuring the business leaders of Roar Global, who tell us what the future of media and advertising looks like and how we are at the forefront of a rapidly-changing media landscape in the region through our work in journalism, storytelling, and ad resales. 

Episode 1: Andre Howson, Head of Roar Media

In the first episode, Andre Howson, Head of Roar Media, tells us how media companies should aim for authenticity, diversity and a focus on health and impact, and how Roar Media puts these into action through the content we produce for brands.

Episode 2: Prash Balakrishnan, Head of 3P Media

In the second episode, we speak with Prash Balakrishnan, Head of 3P Media, where he discusses why brands must build a strong digital presence as platforms such as Google Search and YouTube become integral in our daily lives, and how 3P Media is helping Sri Lankan businesses make the most of Google Ads to meet the more discerning consumer of the future.

Episode 3: Umair Wolid, Chief Marketing Officer - Meta ASP at Roar AdX

In the third episode Umair Wolid, Chief Marketing Officer - Meta ASP at Roar AdX, shares his insights on the latest marketing trends that are driving success for Sri Lankan brands, and how Roar AdX plays a crucial role in helping local brands thrive in the digital landscape.

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