3P Media is the Official Media Sales Representative for Google in Laos and Brunei

3P Media
October 23, 2023

We are pleased to announce that 3P Media is now the Official Media Sales Representative for Google in Laos and Brunei, marking our entry into Southeast Asia as a go-to market specialist for global advertising platforms. Since 2022, 3P Media has represented Google in Sri Lanka, supporting 750+ clients to grow their businesses with Google Ads.

“We are pleased with our partnership with 3P Media in Laos and Brunei where there is massive potential to grow the digital ads ecosystem. This partnership will help us bring more comprehensive services and ad support to local advertisers across the different Google tools and solutions," says Bhavana Moryani, Head of Agency of Google APAC.

Recognizing the tremendous opportunities for growth in both countries, 3P Media has positioned itself as the foremost Google Ads partner for businesses across various sectors in Laos and Brunei, offering unparalleled expertise in harnessing Google's powerful advertising capabilities.

“During my visits this year, I have witnessed Laos' untapped potential, especially as a mobile-first country that boasts affordable data rates and impressive internet speeds. With a lack of formal television infrastructure, YouTube has emerged as a preferred consumption platform. Our goal is to nurture this market by educating stakeholders about the extraordinary power of Google Ads. The reception thus far has been extremely positive, and we eagerly anticipate initiating our operations.", says Prash Balakrishnan, Regional Media Sales Director at Roar Global and Head of 3P Media. 
The 3P Media Sri Lanka and Laos teams with participants of a workshop conducted for RDK, Digital Monkey, J&C and ERA Communications

3P Media recognizes its pivotal role in the nascent digital marketing landscape of Laos and Brunei and is committed to educating and empowering businesses. Leading up to a soft launch of operations in Laos, the 3P Media team has actively engaged with the advertising sector and prominent brands. These efforts are spearheaded by Ama Silva, Country Head, and Viravout Xaygnaboun, Senior Account Manager at 3P Media Laos, who are based in Vientiane.

In an exciting milestone, 3P Media recently conducted a series of workshops in Laos, for Lao Ford City, Lao Brewery, Express Food Group (EFG), OneX, and four leading advertising agencies, namely RDK, Digital Monkey, J&C, and ERA Communications. These informative sessions centred around ‘YouTube for efficient brand awareness and lead generation.’ Participants also gained valuable insights into the digital landscape accompanied by inspiring case studies. The workshops received outstanding feedback from all participants, highlighting 3P Media's expertise and ability to engage audiences effectively.

Sheethal Premkumar of 3P Media Sri Lanka leading a training session for Lao Brewery

Backed by a team of certified Google Ads experts, 3P Media is committed to empowering clients across industries such as travel, hospitality, retail, and e-commerce. Through exclusive webinars, workshops, and in-person consultations, businesses will gain the skills and knowledge to create, execute, and monitor campaigns on Google's platforms. Clients receive comprehensive Google Ads training that cover tools such as Search Ads, Display Ads, YouTube Ads, Performance Max, Google Analytics and Conversion Optimization as well as strategies for remarketing. 

As we embark on this exciting venture in Laos and Brunei, we remain committed to our mission to enable global advertising platforms to enter and grow their presence in the APAC region and help businesses thrive in the digital economy through effective advertising. 

To find out how Google Ads help you advance your business goals, reach out to 3P Media here. For updates on the latest Google Ads products, 3P Media webinars, and success stories, follow 3P Media on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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