We are the Meta Authorized Sales Partner (ASP) in Sri Lanka

What's an Authorized Sales Partner? (ASP)

Based in select locations across the globe, Meta Authorized Sales Partners (ASPs) are extensions of Meta’s sales teams. ASPs help advertisers and agencies achieve their business goals by providing local assistance, strategic direction and expertise across the family of Meta’s products. All partners are vetted, trained and educated by Meta to ensure quality service.

As the Meta Authorized Sales Partner in Sri Lanka, we are trained and certified by Meta to be the only sales representatives in the market. Our dedicated team can help you achieve your business goals.

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Our valued clients share
what it’s like to work with us.
How can I onboard my agency/brand?
If you wish to join our network of clients, please fill in the form linked here, and we will get in touch with you!
What steps should my agency/brand follow to onboard a customer?
Onboarding with us is a simple and straightforward process. First, our teams will schedule a call or meeting with you to understand your business requirements. Once we identify how best we can serve you, our certified team will provide you with a term sheet and contract that outlines the services that we will provide and the commercial terms such as credit period. Once this is agreed and signed, we will then proceed to create an ad account with an associated credit line and interlink it with your Meta Business manager. You will then be able to use the new account to set up campaigns, and our team will always be available to provide you with support and consultation as you require it.
How do I integrate existing business data into a new account?
Data sources, such as pixels, custom audiences, SDKs, etc., are easily shareable across the previous and new ad accounts. We provide in-depth material on migrating existing campaigns, audience sets, etc., to the new ad account allocated to your business.
Any service charges to be aware of?
We do not charge any fees, service charges or markups for our services. All payments billed and collected by us are actuals of the advertising inventory you purchase from the Meta Self Serve Advertising platforms.
How do I get billed in my local currency?
As Meta ASP in Sri Lanka, we are the sole providers of local billing options for advertising investments made in any and all of Meta family of apps. We will provide you with a Sri Lankan Rupee invoice at the end of every month, that is calculated on the published Central Bank selling exchange rate.

We also offer a USD billing option, if requested.
Can you verify my Meta page for me?
Though we can’t guarantee that your page will get verified, we can certainly assist you with the application process for verification.
I handle multiple business verticals that require multiple ad accounts. Can this be accommodated?
Yes, we are able to issue as many ad accounts as required by your business.
How often do you host training sessions?
Every month, we host two training webinars; one is exclusively for our clients, and the other is open to the public. We also provide customised training sessions upon your request, tailored to suit the specific needs of your company and the sector it functions in.
Client Testimonials
Our valued clients share what it’s like to work with us.