Surviving COVID-19: Beyond the Physical

May 2021
Video Documentary 
The Asia Foundation

The Brief

The stronger together Sri Lanka campaign by the Asia Foundation in collaboration with the European Union aims to promote the importance of unity and togetherness during situations such as the ongoing pandemic. Aiming to spread awareness on the message that the only way to get out of this stronger is to fight it together, the project partnered with Roar in producing a video featuring COVID - 19 survivors who shared the mental struggle they had to face despite overcoming a physical recovery.

Our Role

With the ongoing pandemic continuing to impose many hurdles in carrying out in - person shoots we had to go back to the drawing board to look at a creative and impactful manner in which this video could be executed without losing the message it aimed to convey. Featuring real stories of Sri Lankan COVID - 19 survivors being an important component of this project, we decided to speak to these survivors and work on a fully fledged animated video based on their survival stories. The animation featured the stories of 03 individuals with each of the characters designed to reflect the personalities of the real survivors. The video was published on Roar LK, Roar Sinhala and Roar Tami to spread awareness amongst a larger audience.

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