Living With Diabetes: The Unseen Epidemic

November 2021
Video Documentary 
Hemas Holdings

The Brief: 

Hemas Holdings PLC, on its journey of Making Healthful Living Happen in Sri Lanka, launched the ‘Say Yes to Life’ campaign, aimed at creating awareness on diabetes and helping those afflicted with the disease live happier, healthier lives. With over 8.7% of Sri Lankan adults being diabetic, and the numbers being steadily on the rise, ‘Say Yes to Life’ focuses on educating people about diabetes prevention, nutrition, self-care, and management. On World Diabetes Day 2021, Hemas partnered with Roar to expand on the ‘Say Yes to Life’ campaign in a creative way, raising awareness on the diabetes epidemic. 

Our Role:

Diabetes is not a novel topic of conversation in Sri Lanka and while its prevalence is well-known,  the reality of living with diabetes isn’t. This mini-documentary showcased real-life human stories of individuals whose lives and livelihoods have been affected by diabetes. To educate audiences on the prevention, self-care, and management of diabetes, the video featured an expert interview with an Endocrinologist who further delved into the dangers of diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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