I Am Her: Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

February 2022
Video Documentary 
Lanka Angel Network

The Brief

I Am Her: Her Brand is an initiative by the Lanka Angel Network and Women In Need (WIN) to empower women through entrepreneurship. In Sri Lanka, as in most developing countries where gender-based violence is an ongoing issue, women find themselves in abusive, damaging and even life-threatening situations due to the lack of financial independence. This programme aims to address this by equipping women entrepreneurs with the skills required to run successful businesses and take charge of their futures.

Our Role

To highlight the benefits of this programme, we produced a short video that featured ten women entrepreneurs who were participants. It captured the stories of women who had established powerful brands in fashion, software development, career solutions, organic and earth-friendly products, educational toys, payment platforms, cleansing juices and printing and packaging. The participants also described their experiences when producing a video as part of the programme, and how it helped their brand mission, promote its offerings and raise greater awareness among customers and clients.

Project Videos

I Am Her: Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

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