Here's What One Act Of Kindness Can Do

March 2022
Video Documentary 

When it comes to kindness, small acts can often have the biggest impact. The short film, ‘Here’s What One Act of Kindness Can Do’, tells the story of how one woman’s gesture of kindness had a domino effect, rippling out to various people from all walks of life.

Produced by Roar Studios in partnership with The Asia Foundation (TAF), this film was a part of a campaign for #Values4All, a project by TAF that aims to build a more cohesive society by promoting positive values amongst the youth of Sri Lanka. The film’s message is rooted in impactful storytelling, which is what the Studios team do best. The story at the heart of the video is the daughter’s love and concern for her father, which she does not let stand in the way of her helping out another person in need.

The video was published in English, Sinhala and Tamil and serves as a timely reminder of how important it is to be kind.

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