#FoodHeroes: A Series Of Photo-stories For World Food Day 2020

March 2021
Story telling
World Food Programme

The Brief

In 2020, Roar partnered with the World Food Programme Sri Lanka (WFP Sri Lanka) to carry out a joint impactful campaign for World Food Day. The campaign aimed to raise awareness on three objectives: teach Sri Lankans to be more aware of the long-term health consequences of the food they consume, encourage home gardening amongst Sri Lankans, and urge the public to begin consuming more nutritious meals, thus encouraging the agricultural sector to broaden their focus on the production of nutritious foods.

Our Role

Amongst the many versatile pieces of digital content that were published as part of the #WorldFoodDay2020 campaign, a series of photo-stories proved to be perhaps the most engaging of all. Each told the story of different #FoodHeroes, from organisations working to reduce food wastage to vegetable vendors and home gardeners around the island who were sustaining their communities, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020.

Perhaps the most tangible impact came from the featured story of Nandamalini, a lady from Thanamalwila and a participant of WFP’s Home Grown School Feeding Programme, who was awarded the ‘Social Worker of the Year’ at the Women in Management’s Top 50 Professional and Career Women Awards. #FoodHeroes shined a spotlight on proactive community members who are playing a role in helping us grow, nourish, and sustain the country together, working to ensure that safe and nutritious food is available for all.

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