Ending Poonakary’s Drinking Water Crisis

December 2020
Video Documentary 
Tokyo Cement

The Brief

With the aim of creating awareness on the Tokyo Cement Groups CSR project that focused on providing clean drinking water to 04 villages in the North of Sri Lanka, the client's brief was as simple as creating a video to document the implementation of this project and create awareness across the Roar channels.

Our Role

We decided to look beyond the brief using the format best known to us - storytelling. Understanding the value of water and how big a difference this project can make on the families residing in these villages, we spoke to the families and documented the struggles they have been exposed to as a result of being deprived of having access to clean water. The short documentary encapsulated the struggles the families had been facing for many years and the positive difference that was made through TCG's initiative to provide clean drinking water.

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