Ackcio Beam - A Real-Time Industrial Wireless Monitoring Solution

December 2020
Video Documentary 

The Brief

Having developed a groundbreaking new technology for wireless data acquisition, Ackcio wanted a product video that effectively communicated how they could make the world’s construction and mining operations safer, more efficient, and less costly. With this video, we set out to make the science behind Ackcio’s technology accessible to the general public and concisely explain how it outperforms traditional monitoring methods.

Our Role

After closely considering the tech-focused nature of the subject as well as key messages we needed to communicate within a short time duration, we put together a creative concept followed by a script. We then developed a storyboard and, using modern animation techniques, produced a creative and visually appealing animated video that clearly and concisely explains Ackcio’s unique wireless monitoring technology in the context of industrial monitoring applications.

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