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January 24, 2018

If you ever wondered what it is like to work at Roar, this piece is for you.

We are a pretty fun place to be, if we do say so ourselves, and we’re mostly chill about everything except good content. For that, we get pretty heated up. Just like our content. But there are a few things about us that you need to know if you ever want to work with us in any of our offices in Colombo, Dhaka, or Singapore. Here is a list of these things, helpfully compiled by the very people who work at Roar.

1) Dress Casual

We dress casual. We’re here to create stuff, and to do that requires flexible minds and waistbands. After-all, how can you come up with cool ideas when your own tie is choking you out, and your pants are cutting blood flow to your ankles. Though if you like tight pants, that’s fine too. We don’t judge. As long as you wear pants.

The Roar haute couture tends towards t-shirts and comfy pants. Formal attire is generally restricted to meetings.

The boss has to wear a shirt sometimes. He’s super awkward in it, but sacrifices must be made when you’re the boss.

2) We Snack

It’s a coping mechanism. We seem to be eating all the time. We blame it on the creativity. Brains need fuel, and our brains are always working, so we always need fuel. So for the sake of productivity, we have a cupboard full of crackers, wafers, yoghurt, and Milo. We even have a coffee and tea machine. It masquerades as something fancy, but it is really a dispenser. Who cares though, as long as it gives you sugar and caffeine at the press of a button, am I right?

There are a few health-conscious people here, but they have to bring their own avocado and gluten-free, sugar-free, fair-trade-sourced, dark-chocolate cookies. Besides, avocado is too high maintenance.

3) Qualifications

We don’t care too much about qualifications, or where you’re from. As long as you can do the job, you’re hired. You need to be able to work well with others, think inside, outside, and beside the box, and deliver on time. If you can do this, we don’t care if your degree is from Harvard or a cereal box.

Actually, we like cereal, so that might be a slight advantage.

It’s not that we dislike universities, or that we are trying to be contrarian, but the new media game is a marathon, not a sprint. What we need is consistency, creativity, and adaptability, which a prestigious degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee. Just show us what you got.

4) Diversity

We are all a pretty diverse group of people. We come from different backgrounds, are of different ethnicities, and speak different languages. We don’t conform to any particular standard here, and we are pretty much encouraged to be ourselves.

There’s quite a large percentage of introverts, though. Perhaps it’s the nature of the job. Keyboards, computer screens, and the internet tend to attract the introvert type. That’s fine too. Quiet voices and big thoughts are what we need. Unless it’s for the sales/marketing team. We need people-people there.

5) Always Be Curious

Curiosity may kill the cat, but not in this office. You are encouraged to ask questions, even though most of the questions are, “who took my milo?” But on a more serious note, we try to make even the most mundane story interesting, and ask questions that no one would think to ask.

After all, maybe curiosity didn’t kill the cat. Maybe it was framed.

Working at Roar is fun in a low-key kind of way. We don’t operate the way most companies do. There’s no office politics, no sucking up, and no ‘sir/madam’ing going on. If content will always be king, then our job is to be king-makers. Which sounds cheesy, but is actually cool and tremendously fascinating; watching people embrace narratives and seeing how it in turn changes perception. We’re all about the story.

Working at Roar is cool. You should try it. Apply online here.

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