The Roar Content Map: A New Age Content Experience/Experiment

Roar Media
November 8, 2019

We recently took the wraps off our a fun new experiment the teams at Roar have been working on - The Roar Content Map, which brings together all the travel, culture and history stories we have produced over the years to one, easily accessible place. It is new, it is different, and it constitutes a fun and useful spin on how we present our stories our readers.

We have made it our mission to produce untold stories from across the region. Take the story of the Sufi faith in Sri Lanka, for instance. The same can be said for Uncle Mani, or the trusted ‘ice packet’ vendor who delighted generations of school kids with sweet, colourful treats. Their stories simply would have been lost, forever locked away in the memories of their nearest and dearest.

Starting today, all these stories will continue to live on the Roar Content Map, easily accessible to anyone looking for stories that pertain to a certain geography.

The Roar Content Map is built on top of the Roar CMS (Content Management System), that our team of engineers have been developing since 2015 to provide our editorial team more customisation for content production and distributed.

The Roar Content Map in action

You can explore the Roar Content Map here. As always, you can write to us at with your feedback or comments.

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