Roar Media to Receive Funding from Google News Initiative - Innovation Challenge

Roar Media
October 1, 2020

The way we consume media and content has undergone a dramatic shift in the last two decades. The rapid digitisation of the world has ensured that content creation is no more the exclusive domain of deep-pocketed studios and massive newsrooms - and while many thought the smartphone and social media would sound the death knell for journalism, we saw there was an opportunity to transform the industry.

As we went about building a modern newsroom and creating content crafted to digital audiences, we also saw the potential of harnessing the power of the digital age by opening up our platform to the public. This led us to build our own Contributor Platform, which invites citizen journalists to publish their stories on Roar Media, while benefiting from the guidance and advice of our in-house editorial team.

Today, we are happy to announce that our Contributor Platform is ready for the next phase of its development, thanks to funding from the Google News Initiative (GNI)

As part of our effort to help journalism thrive in the digital age, the Asia Pacific Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge looked for creative ways newsrooms across the region could increase reader engagement. Selected from among 255 applicants, Roar’s proposal showcased an actionable solution, and we're eager to see the outcome of the project.
Fazal Ashfaq,
Google’s News and Publishing Lead for the APAC region said.

The Roar Media Contributor Platform is geared at facilitating a greater degree of collaboration with citizen journalists and the funding from GNI will allow us to invest further into the teams and technology required to scale-up the initiative. With this, we hope to build a more symbiotic relationship with independent content creators and citizen journalists across the region.

We are delighted to be a part of building a stronger ecosystem for journalists and content creators across South Asia. The support extended to us by GNI will help us increase the momentum that we have been built up over the last year.
Abdurrahman Haroon,
Roar Global Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer said.

And so, while we embark on the second phase of our journey with our Contributor Platform, we invite you to check it out in its current form. Give it a spin and feel free to send us your ideas and suggestions to And if you have any stories you would like to contribute, do send us a pitch, too!

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