Roar Digital, the Facebook ASP in Sri Lanka Supports 1000+ Brands in its First Year of Operation.

Roar Digital
April 22, 2021
Press Release: 22 April 2021

On 1st April 2020, Roar Digital was officially appointed Facebook’s Authorised Sales Partner (ASP) in Sri Lanka. 

Roar Digital Facebook ASP in Numbers

Despite the obstacles posed by COVID-19, Roar as the Facebook ASP undertook the challenge of unlocking a more accessible and affordable digital landscape for Sri Lankan advertisers to not only survive but thrive.

Like millions of businesses worldwide, the pandemic paralysed most traditional businesses that relied primarily on sales from their brick and mortar stores to function. Forced to adapt to a ‘new normal’ during lockdowns, many brands turned to e-commerce and Facebook advertising to market their products and services. 

The current climate has made it clear that digital transformation has become a necessity to thrive, During a period of uncertainty, it’s a privilege to be able to support our local advertisers and businesses in navigating their growth within the digital landscape.

Mustafa Kassim,
Co-Founder, Roar Global.

By harnessing the potential of Facebook’s advertising services, Roar Digital was able to equip local businesses with the tools and mastery to expand and circumvent COVID-19 barriers during a time of uncertainty. 

From supporting Sri Lankan brands in setting up their digital storefronts (i.e., Facebook and Instagram shops), assisting them to acquire potential high-value customers through Facebook leads, and educating both their clientele and the local public on various campaign optimisation tactics to drive maximum ROI, Roar Digital strives to deliver quality services to aid advertisers in achieving their business objectives.

One year since their inception, the dynamic team, hailing from diverse backgrounds, has serviced over 1,000 reputed multinational and local brands, including 50 digital agencies, and fulfilled over 2,830 support hours to their customers.

The Roar Digital - Facebook ASP Team

The team continues to conduct a series of webinars, training and events to inform Sri Lankans regarding the various advertising tools accessible on Facebook. As of today, they have conducted 31 of these sessions for over 2,230 attendees, along with several training sessions for key government institutions.

Facebook’s ASPs are strategically placed across the globe, acting as an extension of the entity’s sales arm. They offer assistance to those in the region who wish to avail themselves of the services offered by Facebook’s many tools and apps, which include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Audience Network.

We are very happy to have completed this one year milestone, But we strongly believe that there is a lot more potential to be unlocked in the future to come. We are confident that sustained growth is what the future holds for both our team and our clients.

Abdurrahman Haroon,
Co-Founder and COO, Roar Global.

About Roar Digital

Roar Digital is Facebook’s Authorised Sales Partner (ASP) in Sri Lanka, trained and certified by Facebook, and are the only sales representatives in the market. Their dedicated team can help you achieve your business goals by providing local billing options, strategic consulting, and expertise among Facebook’s products and services.

Roar Digital serves all Sri Lankan agencies and advertisers, sharing best practices for all Facebook’s tools and platforms, and guiding them as their campaigns are executed.

About Roar Global

Roar Digital is the media sales arm of Roar Global, a future media company that builds, operates and invests in distinct media brands that produce ground-breaking content and media solutions for a South Asian audience.

Roar Global currently comprises three business units, which includes Roar Media, Roar Studios, and Roar Digital. Roar Global’s extensive knowledge on local markets and trends stems from the company’s long-standing presence in Sri Lanka and other markets in the region, including Bangladesh and India.

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