Qualia Partners With Roar To Bring Quality Infotainment To Taxis

Roar Studios
June 28, 2019

The world today is moving faster than it ever has before. Unsurprisingly, this has a lot of brands scrambling for new and innovative methods to market their products and services against the ever tightening attention spans of their audiences.

But in Sri Lanka, one company claims they have a solution. Enter Qualia: a transit media company that aims to be progressive and different from traditional media companies. How progressive and different? Qualia uses a unified fleet of tuk-tuks and cab cars as their main media platform.

By partnering with popular cab and tuk-tuk service provider, PickMe, Qualia gained access to their fleet of over 10,000 registered tuk-tuks. To everyday commuters in Sri Lanka, these tuk-tuks are a familiar and efficient mode of transport to get them from one place to another. To Qualia, they represent a means of harnessing an incredible and unprecedented marketing opportunity for various brands.

Their method is simple. Install a smart tablet on the back of the driver's seat that will constantly run advertisements and other interesting material to inform and entertain passengers.

On the plus side, not only does this make tuk-tuk travelling more fun and entertaining, it also allows brands to considerably enhance brand awareness across an extremely diverse and untapped demographic.

What’s more, interactions between the passenger and screen concurrently increases engagement between consumer and advertiser. The statistical data generated from these interactions can be used by organizations to better understand consumer behavior which, in turn, will help them improve their products and services.

We at Roar Global were happy to be the first brand to partner with Qualia on this innovative marketing strategy. A new media company that specializes in covering all things Sri Lankan, we regularly produce informative and interesting content pieces on various subjects that are pertinent to Sri Lanka, be it current events, culture, history, tourism, wildlife, people, and more, in ways that are simple and easy to digest.  

What’s more, we aim to provide some much-needed comic relief to our viewers by publishing the occasional humor piece on certain cultural nuances in Sri Lanka.

Through our partnership with Qualia, our videos are currently on regular rotation in PickMe vehicles across the country, keeping commuters updated on the goings-on in Sri Lanka as they travel.

Although it's still early days, the partnership has already yielded promising results for both Qualia and Roar, driving the humble tuk-tuk into the future.

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