Facebook Names Roar as Authorized Sales Partner in Sri Lanka

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May 12, 2020
Press Release: 11 May 2020.

Facebook has appointed Roar Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. as the authorized sales partner for Facebook in Sri Lanka. This appointment means that Roar Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. can now provide support and market expertise to local businesses and agencies, especially during this particular time where businesses are navigating their way to thrive during and after this coronavirus pandemic.

“Following the successful expansion of our sales teams in Southeast Asia, we are happy to bring in Roar Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. as Facebook’s authorized sales partner in Sri Lanka. We believe that with Roar Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. robust local market insights and expertise, we can provide better support for local businesses and agencies in Sri Lanka to help them emerge stronger from this challenging time and further unlock their potential growth,” said Jordi Fornies, Director of Emerging Markets for APAC at Facebook.

As Facebook’s authorized sales partner, Roar Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. is trained and equipped to deliver high quality Facebook media consultancy free of charge to local businesses and agencies in Sri Lanka. They will also be able to offer access to programs and training, including Facebook workshops and Facebook Blueprint, to help local businesses and agencies learn new and essential skills. Furthermore, through Roar Advertising (Pvt) Ltd., local businesses and agencies will also be able to enjoy greater access to available payment options so they can get the most out of their Facebook experience with their customers.

Roar Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. already has a strong presence in the South Asia region. The advertising company works across a diverse set of verticals: from publishing media content on their own platforms, to content production for brands, to developing media technology solutions.

“We are excited by this partnership with Facebook and we are committed to leveraging our deep-seated understanding of the country to support local businesses and agencies in Sri Lanka to further unlock their potential growth,” said Mustafa Kassim, Founder & Managing Director of Roar Advertising (Pvt) Ltd.

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